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Fahrenheit 451 Book Cover Design. Text from the first page written at a 90 degree angle

Fahrenheit 451 Book Cover


I have always loved reading and writing and the power words can hold. Not only can they invite the reader into a new world free of worries but they can teach the reader about important issues and spark a dialogue that can hopefully be centred around open-mindedness and curiosity. They have the power to allow the reader to feel something they may otherwise never be able to experience and this is something I strive to replicate in my work as well.


Create a black and white typography- based book cover design using the text from the first page of the book Fahrenheit 451

In this book, firefighters go from putting out fires to starting them in order to burn books. The story follows the protagonist and his discovery of his job being used to censor information from the public which leads him down a journey to help preserve the literature that remains.

Design Process and Thinking

I went into designing with the idea of censorship at the forefront of my mind and explored removing words and emphasizing others.

Most of the words are missing, as if burnt away, and all that remains in their space is the word “burning” as if they have turned to ash. This cover brings forth the book’s theme of censorship as well as flames created in the act of book burning.

Fahrenheit 451 book cover design in flames. Burning paper mockup by dirtybarn via behance.

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