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Social Anxiety Awareness Poster: Talk written in all caps on a 90 degree angle. TA in grey LK in white. The A spans across the whole poster, has black shards surrounding it and shards with two shades of red are along the left side of the poster.

Social Anxiety Disorder Awareness Poster


In mid high school I began to learn more about mental illnesses and did my own research, outside of class, on various disorders including social anxiety disorder. It became very interesting to me as someone who's felt socially anxious since childhood. I am therefore passionate in raising awareness about this disorder as so many suffer, sometimes without knowing that they could be treated for it.


Create a poster that brings light to Social Anxiety Disorder.

Social Anxiety Disorder, also known as Social Phobia, is characterised by a fear of social situations. They fear being criticized and judged by others which may lead them to avoiding a situation altogether or enduring it with a high amount of anxiety. As noted on the poster, over one third of those experiencing symptoms don't seek help for ten or more years and many attribute their fears to shyness and therefore do not reach out.

Design Process and Thinking

Many of those who have Social Anxiety Disorder have trouble speaking, which is what this poster highlights. It juxtaposes the internal struggle the sufferer feels when trying to speak and the ignorant comments often made by those around them. Although well intentioned, it may make the sufferer feel a sense of shame. This poster aims to encourage dialogue and understanding around this issue to hopefully help unburden those looking to seek help and to educate those trying to offer support.

Social Anxiety Poster seen in context on a black framed bus booth. There are people sitting at outside restaurants in the blurred out background.

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